Dooyoo is a Consumer review site used to pays up to 60 p for each product review you write, the amount depends on the product's category. For many electonics, it's 60p, but for others, such as food and drink it's only 10p. see a full list, the review needs to be at least 150 words long.Once you've clocked up Ł20, you can convert into a Ł20 Amazon voucher. Alternatively, wait till you hit Ł50 for a cash cheque. Dedicated reviewers make bundles of cash.

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 When you have chosen a product/service you want to review, click the green 'Write a Review' button at the right of the screen, or select the 'Reviews' tab below the item. You can then write your review in the page provided. A handy tip though is to write your review in a word processer first (such as Word) so that you can take your time writing your review and use the spell-check function before submitting it to dooyoo.
 Once you have finished writing your review, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be shown a preview of your review. Read through your review to make sure it is ready to be posted and when you are satisfied, click the green 'Submit' button again to post your review. If you'd like to make changes simply click the 'Edit' button, which will take you back to the previous screen to make the required changes.
 As a reviewer you have the option to write either an Express Review or a Premium Review. A Premium Review is a review of 150 words or more. Only Premium Reviews qualify for dooyooMiles. Use the status bar at the top of the 'Write Your Review' page to see how many more words are required for your review to be considered a Premium Review.
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Great tool. I like it so much.


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