iStock photo is the world's preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images, at the world's best prices. There are no subscription fees or extra costs. Just the best Stock Photography, Vector illustrations, and Videos, at prices for everyone..

iStockphoto works on a system of micro-payments, which allow you to purchase images in quantity. Images cost between 1 to 15 credits per download, depending on the file type and image size.

My personal opinion is that this is one of the best photobanks for non-professional photographer to earn some money.


+ easy entry test
+ only 3 photos to approve by not too demanding inspectors :-)
+ own very usefull user friendly upload software
+ they utilize an advanced indexing tool called a Controlled Vocabulary (CV) to tag images. This allows your keywords to be translated into any one of our supported languages. Each keyword you enter will map to the tag that will be used to find your image in their search. The keyword you enter is a "tag", and it will be displayed on the left side; the corresponding "term" will be on the right. Sometimes there will be several available terms for a word, based on the natural ambiguities found in language. For example, the tag "pen" will give you two term options: animal pen (enclosure) or pen (writing instrument). It is your responsibility to check the correct box so that the right terms can be attributed to your file and allow it to be found. This process is known as disambiguation (DA).
+ it is not necessary to add every synonym for a tag, as the CV does this work for you. Adding these redundant synonyms is a waste of your time, and doesn't improve your search results in any way.
+ you get your own FTP upload account
+ you can be paid with checks, Paypal and Moneybookers
+ sometimes rejected photo can be resubmited if you remove the problematic part
+ all files starting from 1200 x 1600 pixels minimum (anything smaller will be automatically rejected). The bigger, the better. 300 dpi 5" x 7" is optimal. 640x480 images are not usable by most graphic artists.
+ you do not have to request payment when you reach $100. You can request any dollar amount as long as you have enough funds in your account and your account balance is over $100.
+ they do not charge storage fees, processing fees, membership fees or any hidden fees at all + you can check to see if your image has been used in the "Designer Spotlight"


- images must be RGB JPG format only
- you have to include at least 10 keywords and use a title other than ‘dog’ or ‘man’ - as beginner you can upload only 15 photoas per week. This gets better after reaching 500 downloads, when you can submit 30 photos per week.
- after uploading are your keywords in mode "automatic" which has lower ranking as "manual". That means you have to manually check the keywords against the disambiguationing system of Istock.

Sample Credit Download Calculation:

The royalty structure on iStockphoto is 20%. If you’re eligible for exclusivity, you can make up to 40%

Anyone can apply to become a photographer on iStockphoto. Contributors will be asked to read through our online training manual which is found by clicking the “Upload” link. Once that’s complete, you will need to answer a few questions and then upload a piece of government issued identification in the form of a JPEG. We require this to confirm who you are and that you’re of legal age. Finally, you will be asked to submit 3 sample images which will be reviewed by our inspection team. We will notify you of our decision via email or you may review the status of your application by clicking the “Upload” link again. 

The correct answers to the test are:

1. All recognizable faces require a model release, including crowds: 

2. Logos are acceptable in wide angle photographs: 

3. Identifiable design marks, such as the 3 stripes for Adidas or the Nike swoosh, are allowed if the name is removed: 

4. Landmark buildings such as the Sydney Opera House or Empire State Building require a property release to be used as royalty-free stock: 

5. A model release is required for a self portrait: 

6. The photographer can witness their own Model/Property Release: 

7. A simple snapshot is acceptable; iStock does not require quality in composition: 

8. It is acceptable to protest a rejection in the iStock forums: 

9. It is acceptable to copy the composition of another photographer’s work :

10. Photographs should be upsampled or interpolated to the maximum XXL size: 

11. The above example contains (tiger mask):

12. The above example is (wall light): 
Unacceptable lighting 

13. The above example is (flamingo):
Unacceptable texture detail 

Then you have to upload 3 photos to be approved.

View My Portfolio
Picture is a powerful Royalty-Free stock photography agency, aiming to supply you with high quality digital images at unbelievable prices. All our stock images are provided by our community's photographers, shot on film or digital and approved by our in-house designers and photographers. acts as an agency providing quality images to professionals of the industry, as well as helping professional or amateur photographers sell their portfolio online. They do not require exclusivity for the images you upload, but each uploaded image becomes subject to their terms and conditions, and you must own the rights for each image you upload to their database. 

Starting September 2006, Dreamstime is a member of PACA (Picture Archive Council of America), the trade association for stock agencies in United States.


+ no photos to approve, after uploading ID you can start upload
+ you get your own FTP upload account
+ for each transaction, the photographer receives a 50 percent fee
+ as soon as a specific file reaches 100 downloads, it automatically becomes a 2nd level file. In a similar way, as soon as the file has 500 downloads it becomes a 3rd level file. This approach is intended to give an equal chance to all files in the very beginning. It is also a way to encourage good shots that have less downloads, against other similar shots that have many downloads.
+ photographer may request to be paid for his/her sales as soon as the balance has reached $100
+ the currently send payments by bank check, Paypal or Moneybookers.
+ starting from minimum file size accepted 3 MPix 


- took longer to sell first photo but then OK 
- only JPG / RGB 
- minimum file size accepted is 3 MPix 
- There is a limit to the number of images submitted per day:
* Users with an approval percentage higher than 60% can upload the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature. This applies for the first 100 submissions if you're a new photographer. * Users with an approval percentage of between 50-60% can upload the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature.
* Users with an approval percentage of between 30-50% can upload half of the maximum amount of images and can use the FTP feature.
* Users with an approval percentage of between 0-30% can upload a quarter of the maximum amount of images and cannot use the FTP feature. 

Sample Credit Download Calculation:

For each transaction, the photographer receives a 50 percent fee. Exclusive images receive a 60 percent fee, while exclusive photographers enjoy an additional bonus of $0.20 for each approved submission. Considering all bonuses that are awarded to the buyer, the actual royalties can reach up to 80% or more.

How to pass succesfully the entry test on Dreamstime ?

Your first step in selling your images is to register to the site, which you can do for free on the Register page. Then go to the Upload Files option, under the Photographers tab.

Royalty Free ImagesRoyalty Free Images
Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Our outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images grows every day, with photographs, illustrations, and vectors you won't find any where else. Sign up for a cost-effective subscription plan and download 25 images every day (that's 750 each month!) with no hidden costs.

To become approved you need to pass the entry test and have to have approved at least 7 from 10 initially uploaded photos.  


+ easy entry test
+ only 7 of 10 initially uploaded have to be approved :-)
+ if less than 7 photos is approved, you can try again in 30 days
+ you get your own FTP upload account
+ Each photo that is downloaded is logged into the detail section in your account
+ Images must be at least 2.5MP (2.5 Megapixels/2.5 Million Pixels)
+ You can submit 1 or 1,000 photos per day
+ they prefer JPG/JPEG. However, you are welcome to upload TIFF's
+ Any photo you submit can be removed by you at any time
+ It's free to contribute photos
+ you must accumulate at least $75 to be paid
+ they do not accept X-Rated pictures, but they may accept tasteful nudes


- they are quite demanding on the 10 initial photos
- you have to upload your ID
- The size requirement for new photographers is 4.0MP
- There is no maximum size limit for photos

Sample Credit Download Calculation:

Shutterstock will pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up to 30 cents per download. Our subscription model encourages buyers to download a greater volume of images than they would at most other agencies.

Current Payout $0.25 (US) per download. That means that at just 2000 downloads/month, you can earn $500 (US) per month! Many of our photographers earn this and more every month.

How to pass succesfully the entry test on Shutterstock ?

First of all register yourself by clickin at "Photographers - We sell your stock images!" at the bottom of the page.

Then upload scann of your ID.

After accepting the terms you ave to wait for approval of your ID.

Then entry test is waiting for you.

To become approved you need to pass the entry test and have to have approved at least 7 from 10 initially uploaded photos.

How to get accepted at Shutterstock at the first time
There are few advices that need to be kept generally when submitting images to the microstock photobank. Removing the noise, keep images in focus, strong theme, etc. But even keeping this many people get rejected files at the first entry test to Shutterstock. Here are the best advices they will help you to get accepted to shutterstock at the first time:

1. Keep it sharp!

Easy to say, harder to do :-) How to get that?

When taking picture use tripode and set the apperture maximum to F8. Not more. A lot of books will ensure you that smaller whole in iris will guarantee the sharpest photo. That's wrong - because of difraction. If you want to know more, look at
 Ken Rockwell's page about diffraction.

Downsize your image. The downsizing will make your photos automatically sharper. Just keep in mind the smallest size accepted at shutterstock. Now it is 4 megapixels (mega = million). That means if you multiply the width with height in pixels, you should het number higher than 4 millions. If in doubt about noise or sharpness - always resize a photo to 4MP for a test submission (megapixels are millions of pixels – for example a camera with an image sensor that is 2000 pixels across by 2000 pixels high will capture 4,000,000 total pixels and is called a 4 megapixel camera).

2. Avoid the noise!

Downsize your image. The downsizing will make your photos automatically les noisy. For more information see part Keep it sharp!.You should inspect all images at 100% before uploading them to make sure they are free of noise, dust, and scratches.

3. Isolate it!

Images that are isolated on a white background tend to sell better than non-isolated images. Because of this, if you include isolations in your batch of 10 photos for approval your chances will be improved. You can do the isolation by overexposing a white background, or use image editing software to remove the background.

4. Be an artist!

Create and illustration if you are able to use Adobe illustrator or any other similar vector based software. Or use your Adobe photoshop and create a artictic background. Most probably it is a best way how to be sure thay will accept you. Take some photo and use some filters like Motion blur, radial blur. Try to overlay few layers and you will be suprised. .

5. Check the sky!

Generally said using a low ISO setting helps prevent noise. But sky is allways a problem and be sure to check it allways for noise.

There are any number of ways to filter noise like that in photoshop, but there is also the easy way.
 Neat Image or Noise Ninja is a nice little application that can zap the chroma noise that is apparent in most digital cameras. Paintshop Pro has a noise remove tool that works wonderfully. It can apply to the whole image or a selected area.

In Photoshop it's also a simple matter to duplicate the image into a new layer with a mask, gausian blur the top image till the sky is a nice consistant color and then change the layer properties to color. You can manipulate the layer mask to suit your needs if the color bleeding is a problem.

6. Keep your photos in focus!

Autofocus cameras produce terrifically sharp pictures when you use them properly. But getting sharp results sometimes requires telling them where to focus. There is no right or wrong time to use either manual or auto focusing - both can produce great results in almost all circumstances - however there are a few times when you might find it easier to switch to manual focusing: macro work, low light, portraits, shooting through glass, sport and action.

Dooyoo is a Consumer review site used to pays up to 60 p for each product review you write, the amount depends on the product's category. For many electonics, it's 60p, but for others, such as food and drink it's only 10p. see a full list, the review needs to be at least 150 words long.Once you've clocked up Ł20, you can convert into a Ł20 Amazon voucher. Alternatively, wait till you hit Ł50 for a cash cheque. Dedicated reviewers make bundles of cash.

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 When you have chosen a product/service you want to review, click the green 'Write a Review' button at the right of the screen, or select the 'Reviews' tab below the item. You can then write your review in the page provided. A handy tip though is to write your review in a word processer first (such as Word) so that you can take your time writing your review and use the spell-check function before submitting it to dooyoo.
 Once you have finished writing your review, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be shown a preview of your review. Read through your review to make sure it is ready to be posted and when you are satisfied, click the green 'Submit' button again to post your review. If you'd like to make changes simply click the 'Edit' button, which will take you back to the previous screen to make the required changes.
 As a reviewer you have the option to write either an Express Review or a Premium Review. A Premium Review is a review of 150 words or more. Only Premium Reviews qualify for dooyooMiles. Use the status bar at the top of the 'Write Your Review' page to see how many more words are required for your review to be considered a Premium Review.

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