Bigstockphoto is one of the world's leading microstock image sites in USA. 


+ easy entry test
+ no photos to approve - after passing the test you can start to upload
+ you get your own FTP upload account
+ payments are sent out via bank checks, PayPal and Moneybookers.
+ File Formats Accepted - Images, Art, Vector and Bitmap: JPG, EPS, AI, PSD, PNG and PDF.
+ you receive commissions whenever your total reaches $30 or more 
+ starting from 800 pixels across (but 2500-4000 pixels across or more is preferred)
+ Adding a good clipping path to your image in Photoshop creates more value to the downloader and boosts your chances of selling the image. If you don't understand how or are confused about Clipping Paths, no problem, this is NOT a requirement in any way, just a suggestion that could help boost your sales


- JPG, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF or PNG files only, 10 MB max. file size (this will be raised very soon). Files such as PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, PNG must be from current software programs, as some older graphics software creates images that are not currently to spec for these file types.
- New users with less than 20 total approved images are limited to 20 images in the Admin Approval Queue at a time, until 20 images are approved.
- Users with an approval percentage of 50% or less are limited to 20 in Admin Approval Queue at a time
- Users with an approval percentage of 70% or less OR less than 40 approved images are limited to 30 in Admin Approval Queue at a time
- Users with less than 80 approved images are limited to 80 in Admin Approval Queue
- 10 MG limit per photo

Sample Credit Download Calculation:

Make 50 cents or $1.00 per normal image download - or much more on Special License downloads Whenever a person downloads one of your photos under our normal Image Usage Agreement, your account balance increases by 50 cents for smaller downloads or $1.00 for large file downloads. When your account balance reaches $30 you can request Paypal withdrawal to 'cash out' your account, or when you reach $50 you can request a check be mailed to you. 

Make up to $60 per download with Special Licensing sales If you have joined any of our Special License deals and buyers are purchasing your photos that way, you will earn anywhere from $2.50 to $60 PER download. 

There is unlimited potential for earning. We pay at this time $0.50 commission per 1 credit image sold and $1.00 commission per 2 credit images sold. Commissions are paid upon request as soon as your account reaches at least $30. If you decide to take part in Special Licensing (you should!) you can earn up to $60 per image download. Average Special Licensing commission is about $12 per image. We highly recommend you opt-in to Special Licensing.
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