Some years ago not many in the world know about the term Twitter, but now I think majority of  the people living in the Globe does. You will  find many celebrities on Twitter. You can follow them and find their lifestyle and you can let everyone know about your lifestyle. But what is there only in telling unknown persons about yourself. Now you can actually earn a lot with the help of twitter. What? Are you not believing it? It is a fact. I have given it a try and has earned a huge revenue. If you register with one of good sites that give good revenue you can earn yourself a handsome amount and once again do not consider this as a joke because this is a trusted one.
To be able to earn good money from Twitter you should have large number of followers and you should post regularly to Twitter. I have used SponsoredTweets so I will tell you about my experience. I joined SponsoredTweets without having good database of followers so as a result the ads which I posted were not clicked by as many people as they could and I lost huge revenue just because of that. So you should have at least 1000 followers for good revenue and do not post unnecessary things on your Twitter account because advertisers takes a good look at your posts before giving you any opportunities.
In SponsoredTweets you can earn on the basis of
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CPP (Cost Per Post)
As you will complete your opportunities your CPT as well as CPC will increase.Here are few links that you can join for making money with Twitter


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