A lot of you like to make money online, from pay per posts websites,  I would list you some of the best sites, that offer such services. Now, on to the Top Paid To Post Sites:

1- Mylot
YMylot still is my no.1 fav for a number of reasons. Although their payments /commissions, may not be as high as the other forums, but they got the first solid earning strategy that keeps their site going and not shutting down early like the rest.Infact, many paid to post forums are trying to copy their strategy, but to no avail. (You also have to admit that their design and layout are better  ).Make Money With This Growing Community.Join For FREE & Get Paid For Every Post/Reply You Post, And Get Paid For Every Reply People Make To Your Topics, Plus Get Paid To Upload Photos And From Referrals As Well…You Can Join Mylot Here.

2- Code4Gold
Another pay per post forum that is going strong, and probably one of the very few that lasted over a year!
Their Basic Plan Goes Like This:
- 0.02 per post
- limit 20 posts per day for payment
- minimum $3 and 150 posts to cashout
- maximum $20 cashout
Payments are made around the 1st and 15th of every month. You can request a cashout at any time.
Join Code4Gold here.

3- HYIPStalk Investment Forum
Join For FREE and Earn By Posting;
-Get 5 cents per post-if you make 20 posts per day that is $1-the minimum payout is $5-therefore; make 20 posts per day and get $5 every 5 days-you can earn more by referring-max posts per day=20-if you post more than that, you get removed !
You Can Join Hyipstalk here.

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